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“Driven to church only on Sundays”

woman church buick

I wish I had better eyes so I could read this person’s name written at the bottom or I wish whoever wrote it had better penmanship. As it is, I’m going to take a stab at her name being Johnnie (is that really a woman’s name?) “Johnnie in front of my church & car”. There’s also something following the word car but I’ve no idea what it says. The only thing that matters is theĀ 1953 Buick Special this woman is standing in front of. Nice ride.


Yellow Cab #50 Someplace cold.

yellow cab

Photo of Aunt Cecilia before her journey to the big city? We’ll never know. Not sure if I’m looking at a 1946 Ford she’s about to get into or a ’41. Here’s my best guess: Photo dated 1947, but the car looks a little too beat up to be new. Since there was very little to no styling changes between ’41 and ’46 (because of the war) my money’s on this car being a 1941. If any of you know precisely what it is I welcome your comment.

Beautiful, big, (and clean) American boat.

washbuickWe’ve all done it, or we’ve all had it done. Washed a new car even when it didn’t need it very badly. Something about killing off part of an afternoon while showing off your Buick to the Jones’ made for a satisfying Summer weekend. Surely he took his son around the block afterward to make sure everybody saw that he had “made it”. It’s a 1951 Buick Eight Sedan if you were at all curious.

A 19-something, something or other.

housecallsHere is one of my favorites, oh who am I kidding — I like them all! Great pose, family in the background, even the photographer knew to hold his camera lower than eye height for better composition! This shot is even on this website’s background — look near the header, you’ll see it. Great car — wish I could identify it. Can you? Leave me a message and tell me. Thanks