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“Sesquicentennial, Canton 1955”

derby gut canton

Well, it wasn’t Canton Michigan’s Sesquicentennial (I checked, 1984) so it must have been Canton Ohio’s! Their’s was in 1955 which would date this photo remarkably well. But you don’t care about that, you just want to know what the emotionless man in the derby drives. It’s a 1951 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, it is.


The “Jones'” c. 1942 “Acme Art Prints March 2, 1942”

40 chevy and family

I owned a 1941 Chevy. A Master Deluxe (sedan). First antique car I purchased. Got me hooked. Never got it running, sold it for the same $1,200 I bought it for. Loved that car. I believe this too to be a “Master” as opposed to a “Special” but I’m not 100%. Maybe there’s a Chevy person out there who knows for certain. Nice family, nice new house (probably so. Cal.) and a nice new car all in one photo! Fantastic! Quite possibly this country’s first Yuppies.

’32 Ford “April 28, 1936”

women on fenders

Thelma and Louise, perhaps? Or just a couple of good friends or sisters hamming it up on the fenders of a 1932 Ford? Would like to think the car is ratted out and cruising Woodward right now. And the ladies? Not so much.

57 Plymouth Belvedere. “George”, not Christine.

50s pymouth man in hat

Stephen King wrote a book about a car much like what you see here. In the movie “Christine”, which was based on King’s book, the car was a 1957 Plymouth Fury (2-door). This is the sedan brother to the Fury. 1957 Plymouth Belvedere. The back of the photo is written simply “George”. George got mud on his tire. Bad George.

Personal side note: My grandfather Robert Bingman worked on the design team for all 1957 Chrysler products which included Dodge, Chrysler, Imperial, DeSoto, and of course Plymouth. The team of designers that year won an Industrial Designers award for their accomplishments. Very prestigious award that he was most proud of.