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“My better half”

On the back of this photo someone wrote, simply: “My better half.” I’m no genius, but I think it would be safe to assume that the person who wrote that was this man’s wife. It’s either that, or this man wrote it referring to the “better half” as his 1952 Willys Aero Wing. People loved their cars back then, so who knows?

As far as the car goes, this one stumped me. Completely. I could come within a year or two of its model date but that was all. I had to check in with a friend who knows old cars much better than I. Thank you Jerry! Jerry’s helped me on several occasions before and never disappoints. After he told me what he thought it was (1951 Willys), I snooped around the internet and believe this car to be a 1951 or 1952 Willys Aero Wing and not the Aero Lark. Although similar, the “Aero Wing” had its radio antenna on the driver’s side. The “Aero Lark” on its passenger side. Go figure.