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ohiogirlF7Written on the back of this gem was simply the name “Sue”. And since we know the vehicle to be a 1957 Dodge Lancer we now have here the unusual Attic Autos combination of knowing every single subject in the photo. If Sue’s still among us, she’d be pushing 60 years old, and the car — 56.


The Kettles?

mapakettleNot entirely sure these folks could look any more disinterested in having their photo taken. Looks like they belong on a flyer in a post office for passing bad checks or something. They’re standing at the side of a brand new 1949 Ford for crying out loud — they should be much, much happier. I’m sure they’re nice people, real life-of-the-party cut ups. They just don’t like cameras.

“Let’s all go stand by the Ford”

fordlawnHere’s another fine example of a great group shot with a brand-new-in-the-day old car. Can’t you just hear the photographer, “Just go stand by the Ford…. and smile when I count to three. 1…. 2… you’re not smiling Lester… ” The car they’re all huddled behind is a 1949 Ford. I also see what looks to be a U.S. serviceman in the back — thank you for your contribution Sir!

’47 Cadillac in full (albeit a little washed out) color!

caddyOne of the more rare photos I’ve found to date was this color one here. You just don’t find too many full color car photos from the late 40’s and 50’s — not too many color photos period! This looks to be from southern California and I’m basing this guess on the houses not the palm trees. This well-to-do woman stands proudly by her 1947 Cadillac Sedanette. I love this particular model Caddy, would like to believe it’s still cruising around somewhere to this day.