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CPR class


Well we know the subjects in this photo, but not because either of THEM told us (they were a little preoccupied at the time – difficult to get even one word out). That’s Irene and Breyton, a short time before they got married, and they’re sitting on the bumper of a blushing 1935 Chevrolet.


Jim’s Angels


Who is that youngster behind the wheel of this 1956 Mercury Convertible? That would be Jim! And how about the two beauties Jim found one day on his way home from the salt mines? Shirley and Ruth Ann of course! ┬áPic taken on Selfridge St. in Lansing in the 60’s. Was told that this particular Merc burned quite a bit of oil back then. Oil burner or not, that’s a sweet ride you got there, Jim.

Sophie, Susie and Rubes


Telephone poles and automobiles were never good for each other and sadly this 1956 Studebaker Commander left our world wrapped around one. An icy patch of road, the culprit. Its driver survived the event, thankfully, and all ended as well as it could have. This photo and that event happened in Dayton Ohio in the 60’s. Am I telepathic? No, I just happen to be friends with the future husband of the youngest subject in this photo. She told him. He told me. Now I’m telling you.

Four good friends

group of 4

This photo looked like a whole lot of fun was being had among four good friends long ago. Wondering who they were and where they all ended up in life. Together? Apart? We’ll never know. And since their “bench” (the car) was almost completely covered up by this pose, it was a bit of a problem to pin down its I.D. But I’ll try. My guess is that it’s a ’34 Chevy. If it’s not, I’m really, really warm.