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It’s a Packard, but how can you be certain?

estherPackards have always had a very distinguishable grille shape. Even a novice car person could tell a Packard from any other car, easily, by the shape of the top of their grille every year Packards were produced. There is no grille in this photo, no, but there is a luggage rack! And the designers at Packard thought out their branding so well that they designed the unique shape of the top of their grilles directly into their luggage racks as well. Look at the top rail, it’s the same shape as a Packard grille! So, Hilda, Esther, Ma and the other ladies here were cruising around town this day in a beautiful 10-year old Packard. To be specific, a 1940 Packard Henney Super 8



Those gutters will have to wait

1950 dodge coronetIt’s Saturday, you’ve got some painting to do (ladder in background) but the new sedan parked in your driveway is almost too much to ignore. So you tell your kids to go inside and get dressed up so they can have the honor of having their photo taken by it.

Okay maybe that’s not exactly what took place here but who cares? You get to see two charming young ladies pictured here and, of course, a fine 1951 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe backdrop.

Loving his ’49

49 plymouthAnyone who cares enough about their new car has done it. You’ve seen friends who do it. In just about every parking lot there is, back when this photo was taken and in every year since. Let’s face it, you hate door dings. So, you park your car away from everyone else’s in hope no one with a careless door ruins your ride. This may mean that you’ll have to walk a bit further but that’s okay, you have saddle shoes and walking pants.

The car is a 1949 Plymouth.


My first car



By the date someone carefully left on the edge of this photo, this was obviously taken in or around 1960 — I’d make a great detective, wouldn’t I? And even though I can’t see his socks, I’m betting there as white as the sidewalls of the tires on his now nine-year-old Chevy (1951).

The Pontiac diaries

pontiac on trunk

“Put your rear end on my rear end, touch your toes together without spilling your drink (in lap). Very good. Now, while you’re up there, try to smile and look comfy. Wait, your toes, get those toes together! Not everyone gets to sit on my 1951 Pontiac you know.”