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1949 Olds Futuramic

parked downhill

I racked my brain, I called friends, I Googled and Googled, I tried every way I knew how to try, but I could not come up with a make, model or year for this gem. If anyone has an idea on what it may be, please drop me a comment! I’d love to know.
UPDATE: Long time friend and all-around good guy Jerry H. wrote to inform me that the mystery make here, the one that stumped not only myself  but a good many of my car loving friends, is none other than an Oldsmobile Futuramic c. 1949. Appreciate the help Jerry! Check in next week because I have another one, from the 20’s, that I can’t nail down. 


A man and his toys

man w rifle 30s

It is because of photo “finds” like you see here that keep me collecting. Great, great photo of a man and two of his well-earned toys posing oh so proudly with each, in a well-framed, non-professional way. Perfect! Oh, the car? It’s a 1933 Plymouth PD coupe.

1954 Buick Special

grandpa granddaughter buickpng

Every young lady should have her first dress-up date with her grandpa, at least I think they should. Either that’s what’s happening here or gramps had a strict rule: “Nobody gets in my 1954 Buick Special without wearing their Sunday’s best”. Sweet ride gramps!

Cadillac style

caddy convertible

Ah yes, nothing like rolling down the road in a Caddy convertible, arguably the premier american status symbol in its day. This gem is a 1948. Pride of ownership shows on its driver’s face. Completely unimpressed however is the woman on the porch in the background insisting her kids get down from the roof.

We’re not in Kansas anymore

air cond woman skirt

What we don’t know: why is Dorothy’s car so far off the road? What we do know: It’s in California, and the car is a 1938 Oldsmobile (thanks to my friend Jerry) and we also know that the contraption sticking out of the window is a very early attempt at automobile air conditioning believe it or not.