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Jack and his ’41 Plymouth

“When your Dad was in the Army, home on furlough, I think 1950” was written on the back of this great picture. I knew the man in it, he was my father in law. Funny man, always told it like it was. The car pictured with him is  a 1941 Plymouth (at first, I thought it was a ’46 or ’47 Ford but I knew the tail lights were wrong) . Enjoy! Before you go, be sure not to overlook the fine woody in the background. Nice!


Nice family, now, what about that car?

What model car is this? Not a lot of information to go on here but enough for me to take a stab. The diminishing, but still present, running boards tell me ’40 or ’41. The taller front fenders (toward the a pillar) look like a Dodge. So, my guess is going to be Dodge, 1941. Am I close?

Happy Birthday, Dad.

On the back of this great picture reads: “Commerce Lake 1932” and my grandmother wrote it. I know this because it is a photo of my dad as a youngster. This is one of those rare instances where I know the person in the photo but not the car in the photo — just not enough to go on for me. Maybe you can figure it out and tell us (leave a comment). Meanwhile, have a Happy Birthday, Dad!

This is a toughie. ’53? ’54?

Here is a reader submitted photo from a friend of mine. He tells me it’s a photo of his friend Marsha and her brother Tom taken in approximately 1960. Looks like the two of them were having some fun. What’s this? Mink and flip flops before 5? The car is not so easy for me. I know it’s either a ’53 or ’54 Chevy. I don’t know which. I can’t tell the two years apart by this photo. Maybe you know. Leave me a comment if you do!