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“Don’t mess with me, bub”.

dodge man bball hat

Tell me this guy isn’t proud of his 1970 Dodge Coronet 440 Coupe. The look on his face just screams “I’m a bad ass”. This photo was so nice to find. I rarely come across color shots, and cars of the 70’s are generally still in family picture albums in boxes in closets or stuffed under beds — not for sale yet, so enjoy!


“Honey, quick, get my camera”.

david blaine

I would bet mom and dad weren’t out to make it look as though junior had unexplainable powers but they succeeded nonetheless. “Honey, Darin is floating again. Get the camera”. One of those crazy shots that just ‘works’. David Blaine, eat your heart out. The car? Put your money on a 1941 Ford, Super Deluxe.

Mr. and Mrs. Clean

woody wagon

Since I’ve never had the fortune to see one of these wagons first hand, I never would have dreamt that the wood grain on them was that reflective. Photo taken (or just developed) in 1959 of a 1957 Ford Country Squire Wagon. White car, white clothes, white socks…. anyone venture to guess what color their dog is?

Guess this car. Win admiration of all.

two ladies 1929

Just can’t tell enough about this car to even venture a guess. Grilles play such an important identifier with cars back then and unfortunately we can’t see enough of this one to help us any. Maybe you know what make or model this is. If so, drop me a comment — let us all know!