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Charles and his 1916 Oakland

Found this on a page in a photo album in a junque shop I frequent. Too nice of a shot to simply tear off the page but it was the only car/people shot on it, so the owner took it upon herself to just rip the entire page from the album and sell it to me as one photo. Nice! It’s a 1916 Oakland and we know by the writing underneath it (not shown) that the driver’s name was Charles. Quite the hood ornament, wouldn’t you say, Chuck?


“Kentucky’s Asburys do all their driving in trustworthy Studebaker cars,” (or so the ad back in the day said).

On the back, all it says is Brown Photo Co. Minneapolis MN. On the front we have Mr. and Mrs. Mystery at what looks like a weekend getaway cabin. Mrs. Mystery looks just fine, but her husband could use a shirt and a hub cap. The car, I believe is a 1949 Studebaker Champion Deluxe Sedan. If it’s not, I know I’m close.

Young lad dressed in car camo. c. 1964

Penned on the back of this old photo are the words: “Michael standing by Daddy’s auto.” The picture was developed in 1964 and Michael looks to be about 5 years old, making him my age almost exactly. Don’t know much about Michael but one thing I do know is that my parents never once dressed me up to match any of their cars. Speaking of cars, this beauty looks to be a 1955 Oldsmobile Rocket 88.

“Me” and my ’49 Ford.

What caught my eye first about this photo was that it was a great pic of an old car but I paid a bit more for this one than I usually would have because of the great writing on its edge — “Me and my car. Side View.” Please sir, next time couldn’t you tell us something a bit more obvious? Would have loved to be able to find the rest in his series so I could have shown my readers the complete set: “Me and my car. Front view, rear view, top view and other side view.”

The car is a beautiful (and new, based on the date written at the bottom) 1949 Ford. The “Me” will forever remain a mystery. Sadly.