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Just park on the grass.

sit on lawn

That is not a blemish in the photo (at right) that is the camera-shy family dog (Skippy?) on its way to the fire hydrant. Great photo, and appears these folks live in or are visiting someone who lives in a nice house. Of course, what house wouldn’t look a whole lot better than if you parked a 1941 Chevy on the lawn out front?



woman 1942 hat

Well, we know when it was (“1942” written on the back) and we know what it was (1940 Pontiac Series 25 Special), we just don’t know who it was. Take a closer look, is it just me, or does it appear as though she’s missing a leg?

Ah, those lovable 60’s

falcon couple

Those wacky and lovable 60’s. No one’s pants fit, and hair styles were more hair-sprayed helmets than anything, but people then also drove the best, most memorable Detroit iron ever. Okay, so this wasn’t a Pontiac GTO, a Mustang or a Chevy 409 but Ford Falcons had a place on the road just like any other make — just not the fast lane. This one is a 1962 model.