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Skinny dipping

53 54 chevy at beach

With her strategically placed towel, we’ll never know if this young lady was skinny dipping or not, but she is skinny and she was dipping — so there!

The car is definitely a GM product from the 50’s. Chevrolet, most certainly, but almost impossible to distinguish a 1953 from a 1954 from this angle. So I’ll go by the tiny script writing in the white portion of the rear quarter panel when I guess this to be a 1953. If I could only see that grille!


Trailer park love

57 chevy wagon

To be old. To be happy. Kinda what it’s all about, isn’t it? Looks as though neither could live without the other. Okay, enough of the mushy stuff, let’s get to that car. It’s a 1957 Chevy Bel Air station wagon. How do I know this? The different color or insert in the trim on the rear quarter usually will tell you what model this is, but the photo lost detail there. The wheel covers are also an excellent indicator but still not the final word. What gave this Bel Air away was the combination of the rear quarter panel, the wheel covers, AND those three little hash marks on the front fender above the chrome body side strip. 150 and 210 series’ chevy’s of that year didn’t have trim there. They had indentations for trim, just no trim itself. This is a Bel Air model and if I’m proven wrong, I will don a polka dot skirt and eat those wheel covers!


mercury swimmers

Okay, so there’s a 1952 Ford Customline 2-door (foreground) and what appears to be to be a 1949 Dodge Coronet 4-dr (background) in the same photo. And if you can get your mind away from antique cars for just a moment, you’ll also see two men and one woman standing closely together. Who’s gonna get the woman? We’ll never know for sure, but if the guy on the left wants to win her over, he might have to do better than a Dodge sedan, plaid underwear and oxfords. Just sayin.

First Communion

59 chevy communion

No doubt this is a photo of two sisters’ First Communion, a coming of age ritual for youngsters of the Catholic religion. What’s not so obvious is the Volkswagen Beetle convertible poking through dad’s head. Or the dent in the rear quarter panel of his own 1959 Chevy Impala. How did the dent get there? Was it an innocent little mishap in the grocery store parking lot? Or did it happen the night of his brother’s bachelor party – the same night his neighbor’s rose trellis was mysteriously destroyed?

FYI: That car, dent and all, would command a hefty price tag this day and age.

Car life, before lawyers.

37 chevy rumble

Based on the 50’s car in the background, this 1937 Chevy coupe was at least 13 years old when this picture was snapped. So, its owner was an old car lover back then or he was a penny-pinching miser who just liked to milk every cent out of his cars and kept them forever. Hell, he probably still owns it (unlikely, but possible). As far as lawyers go, sadly, you couldn’t build a car like this today. No seat belts, no shoulder harnesses, no airbags =”No dice!” Lawyers are fun haters.