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First day on the job, maybe.

Looks to me like this young man is starting a new job and wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of having his picture taken. Little did he know that someday his mug would be on the internet for a potential world audience. Had he realized it then, maybe he would have smiled more. His car couldn’t look any better though, it’s a 1941 Dodge Business Coupe.


Solano’s 1952 Mercury, we think.

Here’s one of those great photos that show what a car can do for its owner — he wouldn’t be standing like this had it not been for this car… his car, not his dad’s. And I refer to it as “Solano’s” because the guy looks a lot like a former coworker of mine. It’s not Solano, just looks like him. I don’t know for sure of the ┬ácar’s year (’52?) but I am sure it’s a Mercury (hood scoop).

Nelson Dairy, mid 20’s.

Great photo here given to me from some great neighbors of mine. What we know for certain is that it was taken in Manistique Michigan (Upper Peninsula) area, and that it was taken at their family’s dairy business (Nelson Dairy). We also know that that very house stands to this day (3rd Street). What we don’t know is the make of that car! I’ve searched and searched and can’t come up with the right combo of trim, wheels, subtle body lines, rear fender step and side deflector glass. My guess is mid twenties GM but I found solid wheels on Dodges too. Leave a comment if you know. Because of the internet, Nelson Dairy lives on!

ELVIRA! In the city, ’38 Dodge

Written on the back were indications of three names. The first name was partially ruined by the glue used to stick it in a book but the guy on the left has a name ending with “ly”. The second name was unmistakably “Elvira.” And the third name was no more than a simple “me.” Can’t quite make out the state on the plate or we might be able to pin down a city here. Until I do, if I do, here’s a great photo of a group of friends taken sometime after 1938 — because the car looks a bit driven and it is a 1938 (Dodge).

UPDATE: I got out the old magnifying glass on the original photo and positively identified the plate as Michigan. So, in the late 30’s, early 40’s what city in Michigan could have been this size? Detroit? Flint? Grand Rapids or Lansing. Anybody know for sure? Leave me a comment.