Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by


A driveway full of imports

porsche jeff and mom


Two things about this photo are rare for Attic Autos. One: it’s a color shot – most here are black and white. And two: Both cars are imports. Porsche [in the front], 1964, 356-C Coupe, Slate Grey with red interior — and a Beetle in the back. If I was the kid in this picture, I’d also be hanging close with the lady and her Porsche — (Beetles are nice, but C’MON!) –and my smile would be just as big as his was.

FYI: I know the youngster in this picture and he grew up to be one of the best performance car still photographers on the planet (and the woman is his mom). A track record of success in print that evolved effortlessly to his motion shooting and directing, and again became one of the best there is. As a performance car driver, he’s raced up Pikes Peak more times than I can count — and always behind the wheel of a Porsche. His name is Jeff. High talent. High caliber. And a gentleman from head to toe.

Clyde in the Glide

58 delray and 55 merc montclairHere is a great photo of some woman flanked by two beauties. The one on the left is a 1958 Chevy Delray and the one on the right — none other than a 1955 Mercury Montclair. While the woman in the middle may have been in the store just now, the woman in the Montclair chose to stay behind and crank out some Clyde McPhatter on her AM radio.


They have the same smile

57 chevy NC


I found no writing on the back of this photo so I can’t tell you who is pictured here. I’m left to guess. How about Harold Neeners and his grandson, Alvin? Okay, let’s continue. Here, Alvin is perched proudly on the trunk of Grandpa Neener’s future classic 1957 Chevrolet. And from this angle, I can tell you that the car was equipped with the V8 and that gramps didn’t get the backup light option offered that year. What I can’t tell you though is what particular model of ’57 this is (a 150, a 210, or a Belair), but it really doesn’t matter to young Alvin, all Alvin Neener knows is that when a car sits outside in the sun all day, it makes for a very warm diaper.


1941 fordHere is a wonderful old photograph of someone’s brand new 1941 Ford affectionately named “Ida”. Don’t know who the woman is.


How to be a car model. Lesson #1

1946 dodgeIf you take a moment or two with any photograph you can learn a great deal, but you have to invest some time studying them to get good at it. I’ll do this one for you: Three people and one automobile. That’s easy. But can you guess what the photographer actually told this group as he was about to snap this picture? I can, but I’m a professional. Based on their poses here, he told them something like this: “No one can get near my 1946 Dodge without showing some leg. This means you too, Larry. Look at Marge and Edna, but especially Marge, and get that pant leg up there! Now, hold it…. hold it……. annnnnnnd Good!” [click].



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