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48 49 stude champion


They say, everyone in the world has a twin. And Ruth Rovedatti’s (I made that up) “twin” just happens to be a 1949 Studebaker Champion. Say what you will, but you can’t deny the similarities in their smiles, even their poses – right foot kicked out, right tire kicked out. Uncanny. And although we can’t see the interior of the Studebaker, I’ll bet it has fine, custom-fit, stretchy seat covers. Why? Look at her sweater! Take the bet! Take the bet!

Two sisters? Or two BFFs? Could’ve been both!

51 mercury eight convert


Not sure about you, but I’d rather be around people who like to enjoy themselves than just about anything else. These two ladies look to me to be doing just that. I’m guessing you could not have walked up to them then and not soon found yourself smiling. Throw in a 1951 Mercury Eight Convertible and a vacation to a cabin in the woods and I would have sworn I had died and gone to heaven.

I’m guessing, Easter.

56 merc montereyNo one can ever accuse me of not looking at photos in great detail. It’s something I did for most of my 30-year career in automotive advertising. What I found especially interesting about this old one, was the perfect positioning of all its elements. I found it funny how we have two living things (woman and tree) posing together AND two inanimate things (1956 Mercury Monterey and a steel light pole) also posing together. Symbolical? Metaphorical? Oh hell, it’s just a photo of a woman in her Easter best leaning on a tree, and nothing more. Right?


You missed a spot

Arnold washing car 256


I remember driveways like these — two strips of pavement with grass in the middle. No oil stains … ever! But I was a GM brat so I can honestly say that even though I remember driveways such as this one, ours never had a Ford product parked on one.

This man’s name is Arnold, and Arnold has just spent his morning washing his 1949 Mercury and making it all pretty for his permanent spot on Attic Autos. Nice job Arnold!

Loving the ’40

Mom washing 40 ford

Not all women love cars. But if you can find one who does, you’re a lucky man. And if that special woman you find can open the hood of one and tell you that you’re oil is topped off but your generator belt is about to blow, then I’m telling you — you have found a Goddess.

The car is a ’40 Ford and the woman (Goddess) is the mother of a friend of mine. Thanks, Steve, for use of this wonderful photograph.



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