Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by


How to be a car model. Lesson #1

1946 dodgeIf you take a moment or two with any photograph you can learn a great deal, but you have to invest some time studying them to get good at it. I’ll do this one for you: Three people and one automobile. That’s easy. But can you guess what the photographer actually told this group as he was about to snap this picture? I can, but I’m a professional. Based on their poses here, he told them something like this: “No one can get near my 1946 Dodge without showing some leg. This means you too, Larry. Look at Marge and Edna, but especially Marge, and get that pant leg up there! Now, hold it…. hold it……. annnnnnnd Good!” [click].


Lucy and Ethel – kind of.

mercury two ladies


Arguably one of the most coveted cars on the planet for customizers and rodders. So often customized that it’s weird looking at one without it being chopped or channeled. It’s also unusual for me to see a 1951 Mercury without flames on the hood or chrome side pipes – you get the idea. One thing was constant from the start with this model though – stock or customized – it always attracted the ladies.

Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas.

39 plymouth flood

Aquaman reconciles with a 1939 Plymouth, as he brings it to the surface of the ocean to save it from the Atlantean villains who had transformed it into an air-breathing, fuel-burning, amphibious, evil doer.


1st Woodward Cruise?

profilesI always liked this photograph but I could never put my finger on a single reason why. Probably because no one here is acknowledging a camera. That’s unusual. Each person focused intently on their driving. Maybe it was that the cars are a generation apart in age. The one in the back is a Ford product — probably a 1957 (Ford models in that day had very distinguishable A-pillars) and the car in the foreground is so out of focus it’s anyone’s guess but it’s from the late 30’s or early 40’s I would bet. Interesting pic indeed.


Clyde’s Bonnie?

lady w_guns

Okay, you got your woman….. and you got your truck…. and your woman brandishes guns. You know exactly what you have here don’t you? A country song! Truck… guns…. woman! Voila! Country gold!

The truck is a Chevrolet and its vintage is 1951. Although I think the photo is newer because the truck is kinda “banged” up. Sorry for the pun.


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