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First spring bath, c 1970s

mandy beth mustang II ready

Here is a great shot of two young ladies, Beth and Mandy, standing by the family’s newly-washed 1975 Mustang 2+2. To fully understand why anyone would clean their car so well when there’s still snow on the ground you’d have to be from Michigan. Comparatively speaking, there is more salt on the roads in the mitten state than there is in the worst fast food burger on the planet x 1000. Salt and cars don’t go well together.

P.S. (from the owner) “bought as company used vehicle when I worked at Ford…4 speed manual with four cylinder engine, burgundy interior…all stock including tires and wheels…”


Expensive old car.


Somebody out there had a very nice car way back when. And it looks like this young lady was having a riot in it. Sure wish I knew what car it was. Can anyone help? Who out there knows their 20’s/30’s cars better than me? I’m dying to learn what this is. Leave a comment if you know!

Carolyn Johnson, a grandmother.


There weren’t too many women who could drive cars back in the 30’s – maybe they chose not to, I don’t know – the 30’s were well before my time. But if there was a woman back then with the necessary determination, independence and grit to stand up for herself, grab the wheel and turn a crank, I imagine that woman would have been just like Carolyn Johnson –– and this grandmother’s car of choice would have been a 1932 Ford Model B no doubt.

Emily’s rear end


It took a while to ID this car because of the lack of recognizable cues but I think I found what I was looking for – which is probably more than “Emily” can say what with all the junk she’s loading. Looks like she’s putting everything she owns in her 1946, or her brand new 1947, Plymouth.