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Hands were tools back then

1915_16 model T

People were smaller at the turn of the last century, it’s a known fact. Generally speaking, they had smaller frames, and carried less weight around their waists than their modern-day equivalents. One thing, however, that never changed in size were, apparently, hands! Take Emmet here for example. Emmet lived back in the early 1900’s and, statistically, stood a generous four feet tall, but if you look at Emmet’s hands you’ll notice that they look like something off a modern day Larry Bird. The 1915 Ford Model T was not exactly easy to operate (crank start, stick shift, etc.) so maybe those ill-proportioned hands came in…. do I dare say it….. “handy.”


A trucking Christmas

vintage christmas

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Attic Autos!

(Not my photo. I must give credit for this one to the vast resources of the internet)

Plain ‘ol Ward

1950 ford tudor sedan

Ward Montgomery (not the other way around) drives a 1950 Ford Tudor Sedan. “I could have purchased a nice Packard, or a handsome Mercury, or a sleek Hudson, but I chose the plain old Ford for its… well… plain ‘ol plainness. The seats were plain, the paint was plain, and the tires — they were just plain rubber tires, hell, this plain ‘ol car didn’t even have a plain ‘ol radio. I wanted plain and dammit, plain is what I’ll have.”


49 chevy

The year, 1949. The location, Norfolk County Massachusetts. The occasion, 3rd Annual Norfolk County Badass Baby Contest. If you’ve ever been the pilot of your own stroller, if you’ve never looked a camera dead in the eye, if your diaper… wait a minute… what diaper? — badasses don’t wear no stinkin diapers, if your burp rag smells like a Triumph and your face looks the same whether you’re happy or sad, then you, sir, are a Norfolk County Badass Baby.

The car is unmistakable. GM. Chevrolet. c.1949

Grilling a Ford

1938 ford deluxe 81A

This is another fine example of people posing with their car. They didn’t just stop for a quick photo, no, they were posed — someone had to get them that stool and they chose to place it right there by the Ford AND they got the entire automobile in the frame. Superb! This guy cared just as much for the car as they did for ol’ Aunt Bee and the little snot locker on her lap. Bravo!

Oh, the car is a 1938 Ford Tudor Sedan but that grille had been customized a bit I believe – threw me off.