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1958 Biscayne wash-n-dry

biscayneWhat’s better than a brand new 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne Sedan? How about a FRESHLY CLEANED 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne Sedan. The car looks great and I’m thinking its owner just mentioned ice cream because honestly, no one is ever THAT happy just washing a car.


Suydam’s Butter Cream Bread, c. 1920’s – 30’s

buttercreamAttic Autos, although the name implies just autos, is a site for all sorts of old cars AND trucks. Here is a great shot of a deliveryman for Suydam’s Butter Cream Bread. By the palm trees in back, it’s safe to bet a southern California or Florida location here. And a quick “Google” confirms Suydam’s operated in So. California (Long Beach) in the late 20’s. Is this Roy Suydam? The family will have to confirm. Until then, enjoy a great delivery truck shot from the 20’s. Who knows what brand truck is featured here? Message me and I’ll make the edit.

Sonrisa! (spanish for “Smile”)

beerfamilyFound this great shot on eBay and had to have it for a few reasons. #1, it fit the criteria (people posing with their car). #2, great family shot — looks like they’re all there! And #3, the vehicle was interesting, something I haven’t seen, so I would have to research it some. What did we ever do before the internet? Turns out it’s a 1954 Dodge Coronet Suburban of all things. Pretty sweet car in the day — even had a Hemi! Only thing I can’t figure out is, if you’re going to be on the world wide web someday why couldn’t you put down your beers for the photo?

Happy Anniversary Hal and Lois! 62 years!

halloI found this in a volume of GM Photographic PR shots at a flea market of all places. You can imagine my disbelief, why? The two subjects seated in this 1950 Chevrolet DeLuxe Convertible are none other than my parents. My Dad worked at GM at the time and was dating my mom when they were asked to pose for this shot. I’m told the photo was used as reference for a painted billboard back in the day. My parent’s 15 minutes of fame, perhaps, but on April 14th, 2013 they’ll celebrate 62 years being together — that’s real fame. My Dad still behind the wheel (of a much newer Chevy) and my Mom still smiling beside him. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Mother, daughter, and their ’38 Buick.

Here is one very pretty young mom (or aunt for all I know) proudly showing off her daughter/niece at the front end of what looks to me to be a brand new 1938 Buick Century Convertible. The back of the photo reads several things and from all the writing here’s what I deciphered: the photo was taken “about 1935” (but we know this is wrong because the car is a ’38) at “Mom & Pops” on “Warwick Ave in Indiana” and the woman’s name is/was “Jeanne”. Jeanne was quite the looker I’d say.