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“Dad… dad……. um.. dad.”


I often wonder what was going on in the minds of the people taking these old photos. To capture a moment in time? A simple object, an achievement, or maybe he or she just needed to finish off the roll to get the pictures into the lab for processing (that’s how we used to do it you know). We can only speculate in this instance but it looks to me as if this particular photographer wanted a picture of his prized 1956 Chevrolet 210 Series Sport Sedan and his son was doing all he could to distract him from it. Nothin doing! He cropped the kid, but got the whole car!




We’ve all seen the coming of age, George Lucas movie “American Graffiti” so I probably won’t have to tell you about Charles Martin Smith’s role as “The Toad”. This photo here is NOT one of Mr. Smith, but it is a real-life example of what George Lucas probably envisioned when he cast that role back in 1973. Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you the real “Toad” standing with his 1957  Chevrolet Bel Air sedan.

One happy little dude


I just love this photograph. This little guy clearly has some sort of physical impairment but like so many I’ve encountered in my life who are like him, it appears to not be slowing him down one bit. I believe these folks can teach the rest of us a thing or two about life and enjoying every minute of it. God bless you little man, and I’d be happy too to be right where you are, standing next to a 1949 Hudson Super 6.

A toughie

duffle bag

Loved this photo. Mom and son. Looks like son might be headed off to war. If you have kids, and my war guess is accurate, that smile on mom’s face was probably the single most difficult thing she’d ever been forced to do in her life. And the car? I have no clue what it is, except beautiful. If you know, tell me via comment. Would love to learn.

UPDATE: Two folks have kindly stepped up to inform me that the car is a 1947 Packard Sedan. Appreciate it, but now I wonder if the scenario I described for this photo was correct (1947, war over). Maybe I’ll just go back to bed and start over.