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Right out of the catalog

62 plym fury conv

I don’t believe there is a book on the subject of Plymouth Owner’s Clothing Dos and Don’ts, but if there were, it probably would have been the Montgomery Ward men’s catalog Spring and Summer 1961. On the left is Mr. Page 117 and on the right is Mr. Page 130. If they were 20 years old here, both would be in their mid seventies now. And Mr. Page 130 probably still has those pants.

Their car is fairly new based on the one parked in front of it (early 60’s Chrysler product) and the one in the distant driveway (mid 50’s era Ford, I believe). This one is a 1962 Plymouth Fury Convertible if you must know.


… the rest of the story…..

52 ford customline

mercury swimmers

A couple of weeks ago I published a post entitled “Beaches” and in that post’s photo was a guy I called out for wearing plaid undies and Oxfords to the beach (he also had his arm around a pretty, young lady) – view the post by clicking HERE or by clicking the photo at left.

Now look at this week’s photo closely. The car I mistakenly thought was someone else’s in the Beaches post, is in fact this guy’s! And by the expressions on both his and Mrs. Plaid Undies faces, here, and the proximity they are to each other — I think this rat is gonna have to explain why, if he went “golfing”, does his ’52 Ford Customline have three Coppertone-scented human butt prints on its hood.