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1958 Chevy Impala. Beautiful.

The plates tell me Michigan. The snow and the coat tell me early Spring. Don’t know this guy’s name but by his car I can tell he was a mover and a shaker. 1958 Chevy Impala. One of my favorites.


Back-forty racers. c.1962

I’m thinking it’s a 1950 Ford, but after Buck and his friend get done with it, it’ll be a chick magnet.

Deer season in Michigan, c.1942

Deer season in Michigan. Nothing like a couple of trophy bucks strapped to your car is there? These two could be twins (the two young men, and the two deer). Look closely, if you folded this photo right down the middle vertically, it’s almost a mirror image.

A friend of mine, Jerry, helped identify the car — like I’ve said before, I’m not a Ford guy. A 1941 Ford Special Deluxe is what you’re looking at beneath the deer, he’s certain.

Unmistakably Chevy c.1951

Don’t know who this gent is (no writing anywhere on the photo) but he drives a 1951 Chevy. No doubt a 216, or maybe one of those new-fangled, full oil pressure, 235 inline 6’s under the hood. “Need some insurance?”