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Prom night in a ’70 Bonneville.

Don’t know who this guy is but I would bet that he came upon this photo of himself recently, then promptly tossed it in the trash (so no one would ever see it again) where then someone found it in his trash and shortly afterward sold it to me for $1.50 so I could put it on the internet… for… everyone to see! The car is a 1970 Pontiac Bonneville Executive. If you know who this is in the stylin, checkered suit and bow tie, be sure and tell him to next time burn his old photos.


You don’t see a lot of these.

Here is a great example of people in the day treating their car as one of the family (note the centering of the subjects so as to not cut off the back end of the car). I happen to know the young man in this photo, of course he isn’t so young now (and neither am I) but Chris sent it to me to include here for all to enjoy. To Chris, his Dad, whoever took the photo, and to their beautiful 1958 Pontiac Chieftain, I say thank you! Fantastic!

Loving his Model A

I had the pleasure of knowing this gentleman in his later years, “Jack” was my father-in-law. Love the pose, Jack. As far as the car goes, it’s definitely a Ford Model A but I can’t tell a ’30 from a ’31 from a ’32. Set me straight if you happen to know. Leave a comment.

Summer with your Grandma, at the lake.

If you’re my age then you might remember times like these — a hot summer day then a deserving dip in a lake, a short drive home in Grandma’s ’53 Chevy Bel Air and an instant memory was made.

Man’s best friend.

This dog is absolutely enormous, St. Bernard is what I believe it to be. The car though, could be anything. Not enough for me to venture even a guess. Maybe you know and can share the information with us all. Leave a comment.