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1st Woodward Cruise?

profilesI always liked this photograph but I could never put my finger on a single reason why. Probably because no one here is acknowledging a camera. That’s unusual. Each person focused intently on their driving. Maybe it was that the cars are a generation apart in age. The one in the back is a Ford product — probably a 1957 (Ford models in that day had very distinguishable A-pillars) and the car in the foreground is so out of focus it’s anyone’s guess but it’s from the late 30’s or early 40’s I would bet. Interesting pic indeed.



Clyde’s Bonnie?

lady w_guns

Okay, you got your woman….. and you got your truck…. and your woman brandishes guns. You know exactly what you have here don’t you? A country song! Truck… guns…. woman! Voila! Country gold!

The truck is a Chevrolet and its vintage is 1951. Although I think the photo is newer because the truck is kinda “banged” up. Sorry for the pun.

“Oh, Popeye!”

peggy dutton july 19__ 2Written on the back of this great picture is the name “Peggy Dutton 19..” then it’s cut off — I’ll assume what’s cut off is the rest of the year (19 something, something) and not Ms. Dutton’s age at the time. The car, with stretchy rubber fenders and all, is nothing like I’ve ever seen. Could be anything, actually, it could be parts of anything, hell, those stretchy rubber fenders could even be Uncle Hank’s pajama pants for all I know. But what’s really striking to me is the uncanny resemblance Peggy Dutton had with Popeye’s girlfriend “Olive Oyl”. I’d say we’re looking at 75% identical twins and it would be 100% if we could only see Peggy’s feet.



1958 ford fairlane


It was a big deal back then to roll in the driveway behind the wheel of a brand new car. This, of course, at a time when cars had some real style and uniqueness. Not like today’s cars which are all cookie-cutter, wind tunnel shaped, plastic wedges. And this poor young lady with the two walking casts on her lower legs, seems to be enjoying her family’s new 1958 Ford Fairlane enough to manage a smile in front of it. Wait… those are socks?!!

Physical proof

56ford loggersOkay, it’s Oregon, in the 50’s, and in the fifties, in Oregon, apparently you logged all day so seeing an automobile must have been a really rare occasion. Rare enough to gather your friends and coworkers around and show them what’s under that hood and of course take a photograph so your story of seeing an automobile could have some undeniable proof — “Look, this is that car I told you I saw in the woods that day. And that’s me there, pointing at the engine”.

The oddity that day was a 1955 Ford.