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Park bench? Not hardly.

47 chevy pipeBack when a car fender could actually hold the weight of a person sitting on it there was this Bowery Boy. So fun to look back and see what was considered stylish then. I especially like the way Archie, here, has to hold on to the hood ornament. Can’t do this on today’s cars (sit on a fender OR hold the hood ornament). The car is a 1947 Chevrolet, the socks? Argyle.



Bud Kincaid and his fish

jan 1947 arizona bud kincaid

You just don’t see people stringing fish from the grilles of their Dodge Durangos or Chevy Cruzes nowadays do you? Back then it was perfectly acceptable to do so from the front of your 1936 Ford — just ask Bud Kincaid. And even though we know the car is a ’36, the writing on the back told us Bud caught and strung his catch in Arizona in 1947. Nice going, Bud!

In the spirit of the season

hunting trophy 53 chevy bel air

It’s what deer hunters have coveted for generations, guns, friends, man-caves, poker, beer, no wives for a week, and a trophy rack to hang in the den! Have a happy and safe hunting season everyone! The car? Which one? The one they’re leaning on is a ’53 Chevy Bel Air and the one in the back, a ’47 Ford of course.

Dr.(?) Newman

49 ford clinic

Looks like a nice young man studying to become a doctor. Maybe he just graduated, or got his final passing grades, whatever the reason for the smile, Attic Autos would like to thank Mr. Newman’s family for taking the time 60+ years ago to write these pertinent details on the border of this picture. Maybe through some sort of small internet miracle here we can locate a descendant of his and share this with them. And, yes, the car is a Ford, a ’49 is my best guess.