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Style, c. 1977

1977 plymouth volareAhhhh, the luxury, the refinement, the style, the economy, the vinyl roof, the whitewalls, and chrome gas filler cap, add it all up and what did you get? The Plymouth Volare for 1977. And by the look on the distinguished Lenny Greensweater here, no choice in cars could have made him any more happy. For a fun look back at a TV commercial for a 1976 Volare, click the link below:




Maybe best friends way back when?

49 ford


Here are a couple of friends dressed up nicely for a visit or something. What’s extremely difficult to ignore here is that these two girls seem to share no interest at all in the 1949 Ford parked right behind them! How could you be THAT close to a great car from the 40’s and not be distracted by it? Shameful, isn’t it? If they were my kids I’d send them to their rooms.

A fun group

40 buick super


In all of the photos I’ve collected in my life, I don’t believe I’ve seen four people so comfortable with each other as this group seems to be. Difficult to look at this photograph and not feel good about what you’re looking at. Just a really pleasant slice of Americana in the 40’s. Nice day, nice neighborhood, nice car (1940 Buick Super) and good friends. A perfect combination!

Future Hot Rod

1951 mercuryCan’t tell by the writing on the border if this photo was taken in July of 1952 or 1953. Sometimes I see a “3” and other times a “2” and does it matter? The real question here is, did this woman actually climb out of the trunk for this photograph?

The car (with the pricey woman in the trunk option) is a 1951 Mercury and some of the finest custom cars ever built began their lives as just such a vehicle.