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Hello from somewhere in Michigan, 1945

No original captioning on this shot so we’re left to wonder who these two guys were. The car’s plates are from Michigan and the plate year is 1944 (even though the bottom of the photo frame says May, 1945).

Sorry, not enough detail in the photo for me to distinguish what make this car is or its year. But that’s part of the fun of this site — maybe you know. If so, leave me a comment.


“Our last Sunday there”

Hand written on the back of this gem reads: “Our last Sunday there. Just came home from church. Walter-Louise and Alfred, at Alfred’s home, Dec. 1960.”  Nice to meet you folks!

The car looks to me to be a 1956 Ford Country Sedan (wagon). Anyone out there know any better? Leave me a comment.

1950 Ford, El Monte California

At an antique car show some time ago, I told a car-loving friend of mine that I never really cared for Ford products growing up, and he told me that after a certain number of years cars have no real gender. They get old and you just adopt them regardless of the badges on their hoods and fenders. He was right.

1950 Pontiac Streamliner, Gas 24¢

At first I thought this was a Chevy, but my knowledge of Chevy styling from that era begged me to dig deeper. Something was off. It’s actually a Pontiac, and as near as I can tell it’s a 1950 model. The gentlemen in this photo aren’t captioned so we are left to wonder who they are and in what town this moment was captured. Looks like they might have just had a business lunch and found time to light one up and pose before heading out. Just thinking, at those pump prices, you could top off an empty tank for $4 (16 gallons x .25 each).

Found this photo in a great little junque shoppe in Christmas Michigan. Romaine, the woman who runs the place is a stitch. If you’re ever in Christmas you need to stop in and tell her you read about her on the internet. And look around her store a while, lots of neat things to see and buy.

1956 Ford Fairlane. Carmel Valley CA

This was the photo that began my collecting. I’ve written about it on my “About” page. I think it’s a 1956 Ford Fairlane . To the Ford lovers out there, what else can you tell me about this model Ford?  Leave a comment.

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