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Hurry up, take the photo already…

37 chevy

Nobody here seems too pleased with Dad for being forced to line up against the new family car for a photo in the bright sun. The girls just want it to be over with and little Alfalfa there is hiding his slingshot so you better hurry Dad. Trying to guess by the background where this was taken but I can’t figure it out — but you’re here for the cars, like me, and this one’s a 1937 Chevrolet.


Trick or treat

halloween 56 57

I own 99+% of the pics you’ll find on Attic Autos, but this is a rare exception. Just too good not to share this one being so close to the holiday. Happy Halloween to you from Attic Autos! Thanks to Chris Z for finding and sending me this shot from this link. Oh, the car? Of course! It’s a 56 Chevy (I believe a BelAir but can’t be certain) and since it has a V on the trunk and dual exhaust, then BelAir or not, this Ghoulmobile has a V8!

Going to Grandma’s

53 plymouth

If there was Facebook, back in the 50’s, no doubt in my mind this photograph would have been posted on a young parent’s wall, maybe with an update like: “Joey and Connie posing for ice cream.” Then quickly followed by a comment such as: “My, my, Joey looks more like Howdy Doody every day! lmao!” Or perhaps: “Is that your new 1953 Plymouth? What’d the dealer give you for that POS Nash?” (Thank God there was no Facebook back then).

That fender had to be hot

40 chev

I guess back then this is what you did: Find a lady friend, take her out somewhere, have her pose for a photo on or near your car, place the photo in an album on a shelf in your closet, forget about it for 74 years, then have a complete stranger post it on the internet. Perfect! The car is a 1940 Chevy Coupe if you were wondering. The woman? I don’t know. Myrtle?