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Nothing like the 50s


Don’t know if this was actually taken in 1957 or not, but the car, the hair and clothing styles, even the rolled-up pant legs are vintage American 50s. I don’t think they were heading to church, probably on their way to the drive-in burger joint.

The car is a 1957 Chevy, arguably the hallmark symbol of american 50s classic iron.

From this photo, I can’t be certain if this car is a Bel Air or a 210 Series. The rear quarter panel is usually a dead giveaway (Bel Airs had an insert between the two strips of stainless trim on the back fin). The Bel-Air insert had horizontal lines or ribs along its length. Since the photo can’t clearly show those lines (if they’re there at all), and 210 Series models of that year could have that insert area painted, this car could be either. Same with the wheel covers, most likely on Bel Airs but 210 owners could get them as an option. One thing for sure, cars like these were why we had such a baby boom.