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Hub Restaurant Racer. 1953 Dodge.

Took a little bit longer to positively I.D. this car since a lot of the trim was removed for racing. It’s a 1953 Dodge Coronet, I believe, and as near as I can figure by the expressions on the faces of the ladies, they’re not much into racing… or posing for photos… or not much of anything really.


Chevy Pride

Unmistakably a 1937 Chevy. What’s not so clear is when this photo was taken. Based on how the guy is dressed, coupled with the faint shape of the roof of another car parked in the distance, this looks to me like we have here an old car buff in a photo from the 50’s.

61 Dodge Lancer… in the shop.

This vehicle is close to my heart because it is from the time my grandfather designed cars for Chrysler. The ’61 Valiant (spare tire designed in on the trunk lid) was his baby. Although the Lancer and the Valiant had similarities — this is a Lancer. And the mechanic in this photo isn’t too far under the car so I’m guessing the problem here was a leaky radiator or a loose license plate — but one thing for sure, we’ll never know.

1958 Buick… Roadmaster? Limited? Special? CENTURY!!!!!

With its unmistakable grill, I knew right away that this was a ’58 Buick. What I didn’t know, since almost every Buick made in the day looked like this, was which model Buick. It took me a while but I’ve pegged it. It’s a Buick Century. What gave it away? The side view mirrors on Centurys were positioned in front of their radio antennas on their fenders – all others had their mirrors in more traditional and convenient locations much closer to their vent window — you know, where you could easily reach them.