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My first vintage car….


Most everyone remembers their first car – except me. But what I’ll never ever forget was my first vintage car! Mine was a 1941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe 4-dr sedan. Purchased from a boss of mine at the time. Paid $1,200 for it in 1977. Fantastic survivor condition, complete with 4 N.O.S. fenders. A treasure. Had great plans to restore it, enjoy it and never sell it. That was 17 cars ago! Plans change don’t they? I said mine was a 4-dr so this isn’t exactly like what I had — as this is a 2-dr., but close enough to take me back to simpler times and some fond memories.
P.S. To ease any possible confusion, this photo is NOT of me.


Now that’s a happy woman.


Arguably one of today’s more popular street rods, the 1937 Chevrolet Coupe. Although this was far from a hot rod in this particular photo, it doesn’t bother its smiling owner any, as she seems still impressed with this Chevy’s sleek lines and indestructible fenders.

Number 66 and his X


When I worked at a car dealership years ago I was able to drive many trade-ins. One of my favorites to drive were AMC Gremlins but they didn’t come in to our Chevy dealership too often. Why did I like them? Well, I was 17, and these things often had V8 engines and if you look very carefully at this particular model you’ll notice there’s NO BACK END! These things flew! Very difficult to keep them in tires for all the burnouts they were capable of. The owner here is a friend and former co-worker of mine by the name of Tim. And Tim, your 1973 AMC Gremlin X was a killer ride back then-but it looks like you knew that! Nice!

The dog


I don’t know who’s more delighted with this 1948 Oldsmobile (Dynamic 66?), This attractive young woman (we’ll call her May)? Or her  panting chauffeur?