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Loving the ’40

Mom washing 40 ford

Not all women love cars. But if you can find one who does, you’re a lucky man. And if that special woman you find can open the hood of one and tell you that you’re oil is topped off but your generator belt is about to blow, then I’m telling you — you have found a Goddess.

The car is a ’40 Ford and the woman (Goddess) is the mother of a friend of mine. Thanks, Steve, for use of this wonderful photograph.



Givin me the willies…..

50 buick dog burried

What first caught my eye here was of course the 1950 Buick in a 1966 dated photo print. So the car is 16 years old, which is somewhat rare. Cars, back then, tended to die earlier than do cars of today.  Then I looked at the rest of the photo. This is where things get disturbing. Since when was it ever alright to allow your kids to bury the family dog* in dirt up to its neck? This is why the world is so messed up right now.

*I’m 100% certain it’s NOT the family dog these kids have buried here (it just can’t be), but it does look kinda creepy.

Attic Auto – from the inside this time!

Mom June 1956 1955 crown vic smallSo, is this woman trying to back up and can’t because there is someone with a camera standing on her bumper? (I say no because she wouldn’t have a smile on her face). Or is she simply delighted at the notion of going for a drive around town in her brand new 1955 Ford Crown Victoria and wanted to have a picture of the occasion to post on the internet 60 years in the future? I’m thinking the latter.

Thank you, Steve, for use of this wonderful photo of your mom!

Just back up a bit next time!

mercury and girl


Not entirely certain what was going through the mind of this photo taker. He has centered this pretty lady almost perfectly, yes, but he did so at the expense of the 1950 Mercury she’s leaning on. No regard for sheet metal. Damn shame. If he had just backed up a bit he would have made the entire world perfect for all of us.

Field dressing?

37 pontiac


Believe it or not, I do find a lot of photos where the subjects – both automobile and person – are photographed in fields. Not certain as to the reason. Why would anyone dress up in their Sunday’s best then head out into the back 40 for a photo? Beats me, but if you’re going to dress up and have your picture taken in a field best that you have it taken with your 1937 Pontiac. They did fairly well in fields?