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Early “Excitement”

37 pont str 8

pontiac calendar

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If the Pontiac Motor Division had built “Excitement” in 1937, this would have likely been it. Sleek car, draped by a fashionable woman (above). Let’s fast forward some 46 years, to 1983, and the rare “Pontiac Excitement” NASCAR calendar (left) that Natalie Carroll (aka: Firebird Girl) made famous. Sleek car, draped by a woman. A LOT can change in 45 years. No? Look, no more running boards — can’t find a comfortable place to sit!

The featured photo is of a 1937 Pontiac Straight Eight Four Door if you were still curious.


Super Deluxe — no Coke or fries.

1951 pontiac

I can tell from a mile away from the chrome strip (actually stainless steel), where the body meets the roof, that this is a General Motors’ Pontiac product. It took quite a bit more digging to find out that it’s more specifically a 1951 Pontiac Chieftain Super deLuxe Catalina Coupe. That’s a mouthful! The term “super deluxe” has a much different meaning today then it did then and is usually attached to a hamburger meal deal — which, ironically, is also a mouthful.

The Pontiac diaries

pontiac on trunk

“Put your rear end on my rear end, touch your toes together without spilling your drink (in lap). Very good. Now, while you’re up there, try to smile and look comfy. Wait, your toes, get those toes together! Not everyone gets to sit on my 1951 Pontiac you know.”

Human hood ornament


On a scale of 1 to 10 for photo content on this blog, I’ll give it a solid 9 with only one point off for not centering your subjects. Just a great shot. Young family posing with their new car — maybe even the day they brought it home, who knows. When you park it on the lawn, and put a kid on its hood –the world is undoubtedly your oyster. The car? I’m going with a 1955 Pontiac Chieftain. Nice!

Joe June

joe 1950

I called this post “Joe June” because that is all the naming info written on the front (you can’t see the word June in this photo but it’s there, upper right) . Just enough of the car showing to tell me exactly what make it is. The shape of the chrome molding beneath the rear window is unmistakably GM, Pontiac. The year and the model are up for interpretation. 1949 or 1950 — could even have been a ’51 had they not written 1950 on the photo itself. I’ll leave you with two questions: 1- Which one is Joe, and 2- Who’s the other guy?