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Bad, bad, LeRoy (Gene) Brown

In journalism, it is taught when compiling a story, to always get the “Five W’s” — who, what, when, where and why. By doing so, you are guaranteed to get all the crucial information within your article, thus leaving your readers fully engrossed and satisfied. Let’s try it here.

First, the “who.” Based on the writing on the back of this photo, our subject’s name is Gene Brown. In full, the writing reads: “July 1956 Gene Brown.” Simple, with one inscription, we now have two “W”s (the when and the who).

To round out the five W’s, we’ll still need the “what” the “where” and the “why.” Let’s start with the “what.” It’s a 1954 Chevrolet — easy I.D. because I had one, so I know it well. Now for the “where” — can’t help ya. Let’s say, some city, somewhere (can’t be wrong with that).

Now for the “Why.” Why would Mr. Brown stand there, hands in pockets, and his foot on the bumper? Only Gene can explain the hands in the pockets, but the foot on the bumper? That’s easy, I’ve seen it a zillion times. The photographer, having originally cropped out both of Gene’s feet, insisted on still showing Gene’s handsome, freshly-polished wingtips. At first, he had Gene stand on the bumper but that didn’t work well (his head got cropped off), and since standing on the bumper with both feet showing, then squatting down, just didn’t look at all right. This pose was the only real acceptable solution. I suppose Mr. Photographer-man could have just backed up a little, or just tipped his camera down a smidge, but he obviously wasn’t thinking clearly.




chevys twofor

By the look of the structure in the background, I’ll guess this photo was taken at a motel while on vacation somewhere. I’ll also venture to guess that this lad is the son of a GM employee because of the two family cars he’s standing near – both GMs (Chevrolets).

The car in the foreground is a 1954 Chevrolet and the other, also a Chevy, but from 1955. And not a Ford in sight. This “lad” is probably in his mid 60’s today and retired — but from where I wonder? Probably GM.

1954 Buick Special

grandpa granddaughter buickpng

Every young lady should have her first dress-up date with her grandpa, at least I think they should. Either that’s what’s happening here or gramps had a strict rule: “Nobody gets in my 1954 Buick Special without wearing their Sunday’s best”. Sweet ride gramps!

Sonrisa! (spanish for “Smile”)

beerfamilyFound this great shot on eBay and had to have it for a few reasons. #1, it fit the criteria (people posing with their car). #2, great family shot — looks like they’re all there! And #3, the vehicle was interesting, something I haven’t seen, so I would have to research it some. What did we ever do before the internet? Turns out it’s a 1954 Dodge Coronet Suburban of all things. Pretty sweet car in the day — even had a Hemi! Only thing I can’t figure out is, if you’re going to be on the world wide web someday why couldn’t you put down your beers for the photo?

This is a toughie. ’53? ’54?

Here is a reader submitted photo from a friend of mine. He tells me it’s a photo of his friend Marsha and her brother Tom taken in approximately 1960. Looks like the two of them were having some fun. What’s this? Mink and flip flops before 5? The car is not so easy for me. I know it’s either a ’53 or ’54 Chevy. I don’t know which. I can’t tell the two years apart by this photo. Maybe you know. Leave me a comment if you do!