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The Hudson


I don’t believe I’ve seen a happier group of people in any of my dozens of Attic Autos blog posts. Don’t they look as if they are having a blast? We should all have friends, and times, and memories such as this. Yes? Hard to do when we have to be strapped in with lap and shoulder belts like we do nowadays. And you can’t even pretend to be having this much fun in a vehicle when the car you’re in is a Pontiac Aztek, Dodge Dart or, god forbid, a Chevy Traverse. Ugh.

The car is a very cool 1949 Hudson Super Six, most likely Dad’s ’49 Hudson Super Six.


Maybe best friends way back when?

49 ford


Here are a couple of friends dressed up nicely for a visit or something. What’s extremely difficult to ignore here is that these two girls seem to share no interest at all in the 1949 Ford parked right behind them! How could you be THAT close to a great car from the 40’s and not be distracted by it? Shameful, isn’t it? If they were my kids I’d send them to their rooms.

Dr.(?) Newman

49 ford clinic

Looks like a nice young man studying to become a doctor. Maybe he just graduated, or got his final passing grades, whatever the reason for the smile, Attic Autos would like to thank Mr. Newman’s family for taking the time 60+ years ago to write these pertinent details on the border of this picture. Maybe through some sort of small internet miracle here we can locate a descendant of his and share this with them. And, yes, the car is a Ford, a ’49 is my best guess.

The Kettles?

mapakettleNot entirely sure these folks could look any more disinterested in having their photo taken. Looks like they belong on a flyer in a post office for passing bad checks or something. They’re standing at the side of a brand new 1949 Ford for crying out loud — they should be much, much happier. I’m sure they’re nice people, real life-of-the-party cut ups. They just don’t like cameras.

“Me” and my ’49 Ford.

What caught my eye first about this photo was that it was a great pic of an old car but I paid a bit more for this one than I usually would have because of the great writing on its edge — “Me and my car. Side View.” Please sir, next time couldn’t you tell us something a bit more obvious? Would have loved to be able to find the rest in his series so I could have shown my readers the complete set: “Me and my car. Front view, rear view, top view and other side view.”

The car is a beautiful (and new, based on the date written at the bottom) 1949 Ford. The “Me” will forever remain a mystery. Sadly.