Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by

Keith AA35


“Over 50,000 youngsters must be right — Every summer, in more than 250 cities, over 50,000 boys enter the Soap Box Derby and find fulfilment in the challenge of building a gravity racer”, or so said Mason Bell, General Manager, All-American Soap Box Derby, Inc. back in 1966.

As a kid, I always wanted to do this. I never made the time or had the tools — out catching frogs or teasing any one of my five sisters, most likely.

Pictured here is a long-time friend of mine, Keith, standing in his older brother Mark’s racer, on the lawn of their 13 Mile Rd. Royal Oak, MI residence. Shot in 1955 or ’56. Not certain how he finished in his race(s) but the real fun in the Soap Box Derby of years past was the time you spent building your first car.

Keith was kind enough to grant me permission to use this photograph here, and as an added bonus tossed in these two others. Enjoy this look back to a day when there were no cell phones, apps or wifi, just kids having fun being kids (click the image to enlarge). Thanks, Keith!



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