Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by

What a car!


Few cars from the 40s and 50s can turn my head as much or more than Cadillacs from 1949.The convertible (pictured here) is impeccably designed, and the fastback Sedanette is, far and away the first vintage car on my wish list (after my first multi-million dollar Megaball lottery win).


click to enlarge

If you’re not too familiar with the 1949 Cadillacs you won’t get too much of an idea with this black and white picture at top. Perhaps clouds and pavement were more important to the photographer than fitting the entire car into his or her viewfinder, so I’ve included two modern-day, color shots of restored ’49 Caddys (one convertible and one Sedanette) for you to admire. Just click this small, color image and you might begin to see why I tout Cadillac’s ’49 designs so much.



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