Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by

The five-dollar contortionist



Doretta Plog recalls the day she brought her new 1951 Pontiac home from the dealer: “I was standing in my yard, admiring my lovely new Pontiac, when I heard knocking coming from the glove box. I pushed the latch and when the door swung down I found a folded up young man neatly tucked inside! Alive!” “Thanks lady,” he said, as he began to emerge. “That was a long drive. You must live in the Boonies.”

As it turned out, Rupert Werber, an employee at Schnetzer Pontiac, and also a practicing contortionist, had a bet with a co-worker to see if he could squeeze into a glovebox of a Pontiac. He not only did it, he won five bucks! “But my back still ain’t right”, exclaimed Mr. Werber.

Pictured here is Rupert himself, as he was pulling the last of his body (left arm, not in picture) out of that glovebox.


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