Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by

Doesn’t fit the mold

mercury 52

This photo caught my eye for a host of reasons but the biggest one was this guy here, not exactly your typical lumberjack stereotype climbing into a Mercury at what appears to be a sawmill operation. I’ll repeat that. A Mercury at a sawmill. What??

My guess is that he doesn’t work there. That he was on his way to the big city when a porcupine jumped out in front of him forcing a sharp and sudden left down Rte. 36 and ended up six miles outside of Nowheresville.

Scared, confused, and running low on gas, he dove into a sawmill to ask for directions. The owner of the sawmill wished him luck as he directed him back to Hwy 36 then snapped this photo before he pulled out.

That….. or…..  maybe this: His wife took this photo because she is fond of logs and thought this picture would look nice on the mantle.

You decide.


One response

  1. For some reason I found the first explanation to be more likely. But I can see why this photo took your notice

    June 7, 2016 at 7:39 am

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