Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by

The businessman

30 oldsmobile

Among other nameplates for the 1939 Oldsmobile lineup this was their business coupe offering. Anyone could buy a “business” coupe whether you were in business, owned a business, or not. It was an bare-bones model that often came with no back seat so salesmen could more easily transport their merchandise however large it may have been. Makes sense, no?

What business was this young man in? Good Humor Ice Cream? Local milk delivery? Both would be fantastic guesses except you would have to also have a white cap and a truck. This is an Oldsmobile, not a truck, and I see no cap anywhere.

So, based on his ultra-white clothes and his matching ultra-white shoes (and obvious lack of a cap and delivery truck), Bob Joeface, here, was a man who wouldn’t sleep until every housewife in America owned a box of Tide flakes.


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