Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by


girl and dog

The date printed on the border of this photo reads Feb. ’61. What people of this generation may not know is that those dates were printed at the time the roll of film was sent in for processing and had little or nothing to do with date referencing the content of the shot. If this person was like me, some rolls stayed in  your camera for a long, long time. Then you’d likely store the exposed roll in a drawer until you had time to go to the store. It was fun sometimes to see that on one roll of film you could have photos from TWO Christmas holidays!

But because of the condition of this car, I believe the shot was taken close to the 1961 date because the 1951 PLYMOUTH looks every bit the decade old beast that it was. The young lady here had no problem posing, with a smile, by the never-washed car but her little cat perhaps mistook “say cheese” with “turn around and show the world your hind end.”


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