Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by

Handy bottle return

47 ford portholes

I posted a photo a while back of a dad with two children — I’ll assume his own — and beer bottles were present throughout. Maybe you saw that picture, if not, here’s the link CLICK HERE. Sometimes, my stack of old photographs gets jumbled up and photos from the same collection get separated. With hundreds of photos in my collection, I’m sure you can understand.

I say these two are similar because Ford models in 1947 did not have port holes in their front fenders. No port holes anywhere in Ford models, ever. So, this has to be the same car featured in the post from earlier. Has to, because they both have those, those… those… dang holes!

And because of all the beer bottles present in both pictures, I’ll assume the port holes were not used to vent the engine compartment at all. I believe they were actual holes in the fenders and used as a bottle chute for their many, many empties. I could be wrong, but this is what I believe.

The car is a 1947 Ford. The beers appear to be Stroh’s, also 1947.


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