Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by

The Whipplesons

1940 chevy MD

Meet the Whippleson’s, Mel and Gert. They live in a small house 30 minutes outside of Green Bay, WI. Mel is in sales. He sells unsightly clothing, mostly women’s, to department stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. Gert, here, is wearing one of Mel’s favorite unsightly dress lines “The Domestic Camo.” Mel likes this particular unsightly dress line the most because it can camouflage his hands (he likes to touch Gert a lot). Look closely, Mel’s right hand just disappears  into Gert’s right hip. This makes both Mel, and Gert, very happy.

The Whippleson’s car is a 1940 Chevy Master Deluxe. Chevrolet’s last model year for running boards and also the last for using wood in the bodies of their cars! 1941 was their first all metal body. 

P.S. That’s not Gert’s hair all pointy on top. It’s just a bad tangent with a shrub in the background by the house.


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