Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by


47 olds cust cruis my mom 1949

I love it when I can find a good photo for my collection. With thousands of old, flea market pictures to sift through at times, finding folks standing near their cars is a lot like panhandling for gold — without the pan, of course, or the wet boots and the walking upstream with an overloaded jackass. But I love it even more when I can also scare up some old literature on the featured automobile and combine that old photograph with its ad copy from the day. Now that’s real gold!

One ad I found includes the headline:
“It’s smart to own an Olds…. the Car of Lasting Smartness.”
You can click on that link to see the actual ad. What is “lasting smartness” anyway?

As I am not completely versed on Oldsmobiles, I can’t tell you for certain that the car in the snapshot is a 1947 Series 66, a Series 78 Special or Dynamic Cruiser. But it’s definitely one of them! An educated guess tells me 1947 Oldsmobile Series 66 Special (2-dr) Club Sedan “Torpedoback.” I might be off on the Torpedoback part — it’s difficult to determine in this particular photo.

I also found some art online that General Motors used in the day to 1947_Olds Torpedo-Back_Advertisementpromote this Oldsmobile – with its legendary Hydra-Matic Drive (automatic transmission). And just for the record, any similarities between the art and the black and white snapshot were purely coincidental.

As I stare at this art for a while,  I’m trying to figure out what’s actually going on in this GM scenario (at left), as these things are important to me. So, are the men here smiling because they found some woman on the curb who needs a big trunk and it just so happens, they have one! Or are they smiling because they just dropped the Mrs. off at the bus station for an extended stay with her mother? Perhaps she’s hitch hiking or running away from home? A middle-class, suburbia drug deal? No matter, an Oldsmobile will get her there — or got her there… in style!


2 responses

  1. Maybe the woman in the forefront is their daughter – they’ve dropped her off at her new job.

    March 8, 2016 at 7:52 am

    • yeti

      With luggage?

      March 14, 2016 at 8:21 pm

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