Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by

On top of the world

49 packard victoria conv k brown

Back when cars were far more of an emotional purchase than a rational one, styling was king. Power helped in the buying decision as did trunk room and seating for six, perhaps, but if your car didn’t turn some heads or make its owner feel on top of the world just sitting in it while parked, then it probably wasn’t your best choice in an automobile.

This, ladies and gentleman, was one of the finest car makes in the day. Packard. 1949 Super 8 Victoria Convertible. Priced around $2,500 — quite a lot back then. But if you consider that by simply climbing inside and taking hold of its enormous steering wheel, you could be the king for a day, ruler of the universe, supremo, megastar, the “Dude.” And all of a sudden, that $2,500 price tag becomes nothing.

Props to Kerry Brown for his permission to use this great photograph of his dad.


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