Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by

Deja vu

37 chevy

Ever have a deja vu moment? When I was preparing this post I was having one. “I’ve seen this woman before”, I thought. I’ve seen this car before. I know it’s a never-before-posted picture but, still, something was familiar to me here. So I did some digging and sure enough, this car, and this woman, have indeed graced this website in the past. She had a different dress and her hair was a bit puffier, but there’s no doubt we have the same duo. And she’s just as proud of her 1937 Chevy in this photo as she was in her first Click here to see her in her first post.  

And based on her choice of clothing, my bet is she was dressed for work in this pic and headed out for an afternoon of fun in the other.


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