Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by

A driveway full of imports

porsche jeff and mom


Two things about this photo are rare for Attic Autos. One: it’s a color shot – most here are black and white. And two: Both cars are imports. Porsche [in the front], 1964, 356-C Coupe, Slate Grey with red interior — and a Beetle in the back. If I was the kid in this picture, I’d also be hanging close with the lady and her Porsche — (Beetles are nice, but C’MON!) –and my smile would be just as big as his was.

FYI: I know the youngster in this picture and he grew up to be one of the best performance car still photographers on the planet (and the woman is his mom). A track record of success in print that evolved effortlessly to his motion shooting and directing, and again became one of the best there is. As a performance car driver, he’s raced up Pikes Peak more times than I can count — and always behind the wheel of a Porsche. His name is Jeff. High talent. High caliber. And a gentleman from head to toe.


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