Vintage autos and their owners from times gone by


The “American”

1961 rambler american deluxe

If someone were to approach me and ask for a description of the typical owner/family of a 1961 Rambler American back when the vehicle was relatively new, I would show them this photo.

GQ, 50’s era.

49_50 chevy

Love this photo, for this site, because it is again one that completely fits the Attic Autos criteria. Do you think that John Doe, here, would have posed even half as confidently as he did if he hadn’t had his ’49 (or ’50) Chevy on his elbow? Of course not! He would have been just some guy standing there all crooked with perfect hair and a bent arm.


1950 buick special2

Sisters? Or friends? I’m guessing that because of the near perfectly matching hairstyles and almost identical dresses that they are NOT sisters. When I was growing up, my sisters (5 of them) wouldn’t be caught dead in almost identical styles of ANY type. Now, and much more importantly, who’s 1950 Buick Special is this? I say it belongs to the tall one since she’s guarding the door handle and the other one looks like a party animal and probably drove a Pontiac or took a bus.

It’s all about style

51 chevy

This is Lester and Lester is a fine old gent who loved some of the good things in life: expensive and regular haircuts, hats, nice suits and his belt pulled up to his armpits. But Lester was a humble man with a zest for flair as well, as evidenced by his choice of automobile — a 1951 Chevrolet, but not just any old ’51 Chevrolet — a Fleetline Coupe. You’re the man, Lester.

It’s a mystery….

the trioLooks like this trio was having a good time whom someone in their group decided to take this photo. No indication as to who they are by name, and to make things even worse, I can’t identify the car!  The hood ornament resembles Desoto (’37). The four horizontal chrome lines running alongside the hood says Buick. From what I can tell, the car’s neither a Desoto or a Buick. The shape of the grille is what’s throwing me. Who knows? Message me!

UPDATE: My trustworthy friend (and major car nut), Jerry, has informed me that this is a 1939 Chevrolet. Mystery SOLVED! 


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